erika de martino photography
Erika De Martino (Padua-Italy, 1975) is an architect and photographer, currently based in Helsinki. Her photographs have been displayed in Finland, Russia, China and Italy. In 2011 she exhibited at the 54th Venice Biennale-Italian Pavilion in the World.
She first approached photography at the age of 16. She gained her in architecture at IUAV, Venice-Italy, with studies carried on also in Oulu-Finland. A strong multicultural knowledge (she also lived in the UK and in Spain) together with extensive worldwide travelling, help her observing things always from new perspectives.
Photography and architecture intertwine and complement each other. Photography is a tool to sharpen the understanding of spaces' qualities, volumes and articulation through the study of light. Striving to unveil the unnoticed in the relationships between nature/architecture, man/landscape, is her main focus.
Mutually, her experience as an architect strongly influences not only her artwork, but also the way she plans her displays in a specific space. By using transparent/translucent print supports, she explores new ways of perception and interaction by the observer, conceiving photography in its potential three-dimensionality, and educating the eye to see through things.

"[Photography is] a way of self-development,

a means to discover and identify oneself with all the manifestations of basic forms -with nature, the source." (E. Weston)